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02 July 2008 @ 08:39 pm
Ubiquitous Mod Post. [Resources // Rules]  

These rules are not only very simple, but they are very important and serious. So, read carefully and follow.

1. Credit either  your_nonentityor  toolate_iconsif you snag/use any of my icons.
This is a default rule for the use of anyone's icons, and mine are no exception. It's common courtesy, guys. Don't know how to do it? Here - it's easier to explain in a picture.

Adding onto this, if I find any of my icons being used by someone without my permission, I'll let it slide ONLY if I'm credited. So, remember that. If not, I won't be as nice.

2. Avoid hotlinking.
Guys, saving images onto your own server is and then onto Photobucket or something, in it's own way, a lot easier than having to deal with someone yelling at you for wasting his or her bandwith. So, adhere to this rule.

3. Ask and I'll usually consider.
That goes for pretty much anything. Feel like editing my bases? Ask, and I'll more than likely let you. Wanna know which picture/episode/video/etc an icon is from? Ask, and I'll have no problems telling you. Just want to use it somewhere else that isn't LJ? Ask, and I'll consider (Just remember the crediting rule). Want to be my LJ friend? Ask, and I will definitely get back to you with a confirmation. More than likely, it will be no problem for me if you just ask about it.

4. Don't be a fucker.
It's one thing to have colorful language. I'm one of those people - it's all good. However, bashing other commenters or me is not going to be tolerated. Just be nice, keep things to yourself, and have fun. Alright?


In all honesty, I usually do forget where I find things. Usually, it's on google searches and whatnot. Sad, but true. I should cut that shit out, so I'll start here. 

The people of icon_tutorial
irinafan's Flexible Squares CSS Guide (Probably one of the most helpful tutorials I've seen)


hires_hotties(Photos of Celebrity Girls) 
hires_hunks(Photos of Celebrity Boys)
Missy-Peregrym.org (Photos of Melissa 'Missy' Peregrym as well as her character, Candice, from season 1 of Heroes)
Lucy-Griffiths.com (Photos of Lucy Griffiths as well as her character, Marian, from BBC's Robin Hood)

RobinHood2006.com (Episode caps of BBC's Robin Hood
Northarc.com (General anime pictures)
Ohtori.nu (Promo pics and episode caps of Revolutionary Girl Utena)
Animecubed (General anime pictures)

Reality TV
CBS.com (Pictures from Survivor)
Bravotv.com (Pictures from Top Chef, Project Runway, and Make Me a Supermodel)
All ANTM (Pictures of the models of America's Next Top Model)

I either do not remember where I got the rest or I get them from screencapping or photographing myself (this comm's header for example), but these are the main ones I can remember.

Comms to be praised (Seriously, watch them like hawks - you learn so much)